Saturday, September 27, 2008

Peter DiGaudio

Everyone makes mistakes and everyone says things in anger they wish they could take back. While it's taken a while, Peter DiGaudio has admitted that his referring to a Hispanic family as "chattering chihuahuas" was dumb and tasteless.

I have said in the past that Peter is a talented writer and at times provides keen insight on current events and other issues. While I would like to see Peter move away from some of the namecalling he is famous for, we all, myself included could probably improve in that area as well. The vast electronic void that separates us on the Internet does seem to encourage mud throwing.

The lefty blogosphere, and a couple conservatives, were quick to jump all over Peter for that remark -- and rightly so. However, if we are going to be quick to criticize, we should be just as quick to applaud common sense and humility. While Peter was not apologizing to anyone in particular, his admission that he done wrong is welcome. Thank you, Peter.


  1. Boy, don't we all say dumb things sometimes, even one as "thoughtful" ;) as myself.

    Thanks for your graciousness, Tim.


  2. 627 days to admit this? Hmm. This is the only thing he regrets? Why? Why exactly was it uncalled for, Peter? Only because it was "dumb and tasteless"?

    Why, we only need look at his home page today to see who he'll cheerfully call "racist"... ah, La Raza. I see.

    It's been 320 days since he hilariously suggested that I would eagerly have sex with a horse in a post titled "Memo to the idiots on the hate left." So some day next August, I might see a retraction?

    Good for him for admitting the error of his ways. He has a long way to go. His anger overflows, the vitriol never stops. How would Jesus blog, Peter?

  3. There is still much anger there, John, no doubt about that. Your beef with him is legitimate. Peter has a long way to go.

    But, one must start somewhere, eh? And, I don't feel like being angry at him anymore.

  4. When I see someone that twisted up, I don't feel anger... even if they're suggesting I'm looking for a pretty pony.

    I wish they'd find a way to calm down, engage in a little reflection, read their own words, and perhaps seek help before they lash out and harm someone in the real world.

    The same goes for anyone else who serenely continues to act like his Two Minutes Hate is normal and acceptable behavior. Link to him? Applaud him? Print his words in the newspaper?