Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh, the Thugs

Who was it that said “Thugs vote for thugs,” referring to those who voted for since convicted former Milwaukee alderman Michael McGee?

Ah yes, Jessica McBride, former WTMJ radio throat and magician known for her blog disappearing act.

I'd be curious what she would have to say about Alaska Senator Ted Stevens winning the Republican primary even though he has been indicted by a grand jury for hiding more than $250,000 in gifts. I'm sure it would be something along the lines of innocence before proof of complicity (albeit not as eloquently). Well, we'll never know because Jessica has hidden herself from view and closed shop on her wastrel of a blog. Unable to stand the light of day I guess.

I do know this statement by Dave Cuddy, who finished second to Stevens, would probably have resonated with those in McGee's district who voted for him while he was held in jail: "People have been voting for Ted for 40 years and their inclination is to keep doing it.”

The thugs.


  1. Apparently folks in Alaska don't care about Stevens' criminal activities, as long as he keeps bringing home the bacon.

    Ah well, he's sure to get blown out in the general, so he'd better enjoy his last few months in office.

  2. If only McBride had some kind of internet site where she regularly posted her thought son the issues of the day ...

  3. I just checked, she must still be McCain's IT support person.